The four musicians behind LA-based Kidi Band combine unlikely material to find a voice that’s at once explosive, organic, and electrified. The quartet’s knack for fusing diverse sounds can be likened to their forbearers in bands like Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, and tUnE-yArDs, but there’s no doubt that Kidi Band has taken those influences and moved in a direction totally their own.
It’s difficult to aptly describe the result of this quartet’s collaboration. The patchwork-complexity of a single Kidi Band beat, emanating from a trio of percussionists, incorporates the language of West African rhythm with equal parts reverence and ingenuity. When sounding against the buzzy acoustic guitar riffs, these beats propel us through intricate yet wholehearted songs. Atop all of this is the band’s consonant anchorage—four hocketed and harmonized voices that carry equal weight and power across any given set of music. Steven Kai van Betten, Linnea Sablosky, Cari Stevens, and Cooper Wolken lift their music up as only the closest of friends can, lending creative insight and sharing the weight from moment to moment. Although they are new to many, Kidi Band has played together for years and it shows.

Kidi Band’s debut album Gimme Gimme was self-released in 2016 and is available via Bandcamp (kidiband.bandcamp.com). They play regularly in rock clubs and living rooms across LA, and they’ll be touring in the near future with their forthcoming sophomore LP, So Good